Trading Fairly in Coffee:

Segafredo Zanetti owns and operates its own plantations worldwide. This allows us to control the way our coffee is produced and the way our farmers are treated. We provide housing, medical facilities and schooling for the coffee farmers and their families employed by us. Unlike other companies who source their coffee beans from a variety of plantations and by doing so can’t guarantee the treatment and work conditions the farmers face.

We believe strongly that the quality of our employees welfare is important because it will ultimately result in a better quality coffee. We also own the prestigious Dutch “Tik Tak” coffee brand which is certified Fair Trade and is also labeled as the sole coffee provider to the Dutch royal family. In the Tik Tak range we also have a certified organic blend available.

Our Ethical Code

The fair trade development is an ethical theme that Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group supports every day and promotes through different forms.

In the Nossa Senhora da Guia plantation in Minas Gerais there is a remunerative policy that ensures a right salary for the employees and makes the plantation with the highest social and equity standards in Brazil.

Not only in Brazil, but also in Costa Rica and Honduras, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group contributes to the eco-sustainable  and ethically compatible development in the agricultural sector.

When manufacturing coffee we also take in consideration any impact this might have on the environment. By using EcoPure® (EU Directive 94/62, as stipulated in ISO Test Method 14855). EcoPure® protocol n° 082AT2011) technology we are the only coffee producer that can offer you a eco friendly and biodegradable coffee capsule for use in the Segafredo Coffee System range of coffee capsule machines.