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  • Professional espresso machines

    100 SERIES

    Aggressive look and metallized colours: these are the main aesthetic characteristics of 100 series that highlight lines originality and design unicity.

    Metallized colours (anthracite, grey, red and sky blue), anti- finger stainless steel polished panels, chrome finishing: 100 Touch coffee machine is 100 series top model.

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  • Professional espresso machines

    85 LEVA

    The 85 Leva 1 group is a little jewel of engineering created by La San Marco.
    The machine is specifically built for those who are seeking true Italian espresso perfection accomplished by extracting all the organoleptic properties from …

  • Professional espresso machines


    The La San Marco Dual Brewing System is the first and unique of its kind offering both mechanical piston style lever operation and rotary pump brewing method. This allows for two different profiles of coffee extraction, a great advantage for the professional barista. Two electronic volumetric groups and one …

  • Professional espresso machines


    NEW 80 PREZIOSA CROMATA has its body made fully of chromed brass, hammered and polished, with dome and lion. It is available in an automatic, electronic version with 2 and 3 groups, with coffee served with electronic dosing, able to store 4 different doses for each group. All models …

  • Professional espresso machines

    NEW 85 S

    The espresso machine NEW 85 S (semiautomatic) is the restyling of the famous 85 line, well known for its quality, solidity and reliability. Therefore the NEW 85 S follows the course …

  • Professional espresso machines

    TOP 85

    TOP 85 represents the technical evolution of the historical and famous Series 85, which is appreciated in Italy and all over the world. In addition to its
    renown characteristics of robustness and reliability, La San Marco has now added a modern display,
    an illuminated working …