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    Segafredo Coffee Machine Espresso 1 (Silver & Black)

    Segafredo Coffee Machine Espresso 1 marvel is a perfection of technology and design. The perfect choice for enjoying exclusive Segafredo Zanetti Coffee blends.

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    Segafredo Coffee Machine SZ

    Designed to enhance the exclusive qualities of the coffee mix of the Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Machine. The New SZ is the perfect choice for a unique and unparalleled taste experience.

    The boiling water nozzle is always ready to make real herbal, fruit or black teas that tick all the boxes, or for frothing milk for a quickly made cappuccino.

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    Segafredo Coffee Machine SZ01


    The SZ01 Segafredo Coffee Machine makes:

    • Espressos,
    • Cappuccinos,
    • Lattes,
    • Hot Chocolate,
    • and Teas with true ease of use and with minor cleaning and maintenance.

    Segafredo is the leading Espresso products producer in Italy and throughout the world, with more than 70,000 clients and 50 million cups of espresso drunk
    each day.

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    Segafredo Coffee Milk Frother

    Technology meets innovation and the result is this Segafredo Milk Frother.

    With a simple click and in 3min. time you have a delicious frothy milk to add to your espresso or cappuccino.

    Hot or Cold Frothing. Frothed milk is a wonderful addition to many drinks, from coffee and hot chocolate, to milkshakes. The counter-top milk frother spins the milk, …